Internationale Freiwilligeneinsätze in den Schweizer Bergen (9 -12 Monate)

Die Stiftung Urgestein führt in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Verein Naturkultur internationale Freiwilligeneinsätze für junge Erwachsene aus Europa und dem Nahen Osten durch. 

Die Einsätze beinhalten:

  • Trockenmauerbau-Einsätze auf der Alp Walop/Kaiseregg

  • Natur- und Bergbauerarbeit in der Alpenregion des Gantrisch 

  • Naturschutz-Einsätze im Naturpark Gantrisch 

  • Kulturelle Arbeit in der Gantrischregion

  • Arbeit in der Stiftung Bernaville, eine Institution für beeinträchtigte Menschen

  • Mitarbeit in der regionalen Wintersportarbeit

  • Office-Arbeit im Büro der Stiftung Urgestein / des Vereins Naturkultur in Bern

Danya aus Hebron (Palästina), Hala aus Bethlehem (Palästina) und Ben aus Cork (Irland) leisten seit Juli 2021 einen EVS-Einsatz in den Schweizer Bergen, in der wunderschönen Gantrischregion. Weiter unten finden Sie ein kurzes Porträt unserer Freiwilligen!

Reise, Kost und Logis werden durch das Programm European Volunteer Service EVS übernommen. Die Freiwilligeneinsätze werden in Absprache mit Service Civil International SCI koordiniert.


Danya Deheidel

My name is Danya Deheidel, I am 27 years old. I have a big family with 11 siblings, 6 sisters and 5 brothers and I am the youngest. I studied English Language and literature at Al-Quds University in Abu-Dis and graduate in 2017. I live in a city called Dura to the south of Hebron. Now a days I work as a community health educator with Doctors Without Borders ‘MSF’. I really want to experience your daily Swiss life and to learn more about your fascinating culture.


Ben Corcoran

Hello, my name is Ben. I am 20 years old and live in Cork City in the South East of Ireland. I am currently studying Marine Electrotechnology, and I will be taking a year off from my studies if I am offered a place on the EVS programme in Switzerland. From a young age I have been involved in Scouting and have been a leader From my days as a scout, I have grown very fond of the outdoors and enjoy camping, hiking, mountain biking and swimming with both friends and family. During my time in Switzerland, I hope to be immersed in the culture, food, and way of life and I look forward to my time in your beautiful country. 


Hala Gharib

My name is Hala which means welcome in Arabic, I was born on Dec 6-1995 which makes me 25 years
old, I'm a Palestinian Christian born and raised in Bethlehem Area, I'm the 4th born to my family, I have 6
nieces and nephews and they mean a lot for me. Ive been working as beauty specialist but last year I quit it to focus on my other work which is with
Palestinian, Spanish NGO volunteering and continuing the good work of helping in my area.
I normally blend easily with people, I'm so excited for moving to Switzerland and discovering the other
side of the world and new culture.