We bring young adults to have the expiriance of interculture communication and high-tech seminar by joining 13-days progarm in Switzerland with 15 Israeli, Palestinian and Swiss.

 November 14-28/2021

Wooden Hut
Wooden Hut
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To build a community of Israelis and Palestinians who are devoted to coexistence and the peacebuilding process, and are capable of gaining employment in the high-tech sector.

Aim to build a strong community of Israelis and Palestinians who are not “traditional peaceniks.” Members of the community should, at the least, hold greater empathy towards the other side in the conflict, and at best, work both as a group and individually from their positions in society towards greater peace and co-existence.

Hope is that participants will influence others in their communities and workplaces to see the conflict in different perspectives, and will work from influential positions in society towards a more peaceful future, possibly including from within the high-tech sector / through Arab-Jewish startups.

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Each participant chooses a tech subject to focus on either programming, 3D design & printing, Web Development, AI for Programmers, mobile app development, etc — and completes a final project within the two-week seminar. Participants also engage in dialogue where they gain a deeper understanding of one another’s narratives and share personal stories.

Seminars also incorporate fun and social activities such as sports, hiking, and cultural activities, which provide a space for friendship, growth, and mutual respect. Participants additionally have the opportunity to hear various guest lecturers throughout the program including tech experts, social innovators and academics, and media personalities.

Who should apply

- Israeli, Palestinian or Swiss, age 20-30.
- Interested in building professional skills, learning about the ‘other side', and joining a growing community.
- Intermediate/advanced English is required.
- No prior experience in high-tech needed - participants from all fields and interests are welcome.
- No prior experience in dialogue sessions needed - participants from all backgrounds and with all views are welcome.
- Able to commit for the entire 12 days. You will NOT be able to work during the seminar. make sure you are availible 100% for the entire duration of the seminar.